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OptiWorkFlow® is a break-through workflow software. It automates the intake, notification, routing, and reporting of documents and information in processes that involve intensive manual data entry and workflow tracking, such as expense reports, purchase orders, job applicant tracking, and more. OptiWorkFlow provides a complete audit trail that promotes end-to-end process transparency, increased accountability and enhanced staff productivity.

OptiWorkFlow is easy to use, quick to deploy and very flexible. It has allowed us to increase our efficiency by automating many of our manual processes.

— City of Columbia, Missouri

Robust business process automation (BPA) engine that delivers actionable and timely information to drive business execution.

  • Workflows can be easily initiated from OptiView document repository; file changes are automatically reflected in the repository so that staff make decisions using the most up to-date information.
  • Define automated business rules with serial and parallel approval paths.
  • Data can be validated or rerouted based on predefined business logic rules.
  • Monitor workflow status by user with administrative access rights for supervisors.
  • Tasks/approvals assigned to individuals or group queues for departmental access.
  • Automated e-mail notifications of tasks for users/groups, time-based triggers, and auto-assignment/escalation rules when conditions are met.

Comprehensive process reporting & audit trails.

  • Scalable system that can be easily configured to define new processes as the organization grows or enhance existing processes.
  • Easy-to-use interface to create forms and workflows.
  • Form designer uses industry standard controls including drop down lists, entry and comment fields, electronic signature areas, table structures, multi-list selections, radio groups, check boxes and more.

Streamlined business execution – Real-world Efficiency

OptiWorkFlow streamlines recruitment efforts by providing Human Resource professionals with automated tracking of candidate information and job applications, as well as secure routing of accompanying application materials to hiring managers for review. For HR processes that entail completion of online and paper forms (such as benefits enrollment, insurance, payroll, etc.), OptiWorkFlow automates the intake and routing of information to the appropriate staff, eliminating dependency on intermediaries for sorting and distributing information, and reducing workload and overhead.

Automated processes can be configured to follow the same path as the manual shuffling of paper, allowing staff to continue performing in workflows they are already familiar with but with faster, more reliable output. OptiWorkFlow monitors the status of every workflow, the associated documents and related approvals, and provides escalation and notification controls to prevent process bottlenecks.

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